They take whatever is left of their adolescence before youthful adrenaline gives way to commitments and responsibilities. Guided by the floating walk of Ernesto we observe the birth of a nostalgia; he knows he can’t fight the impending end of an idyllic era, all he can do is to make that unforgettable summer eternal. BUMS allow us to explore an unfamiliar range: the one of fun and apathy, party and irresponsibility, of alcohol and sex, until we find deep beneath, dissatisfaction, deception, loss and pain.

directed by: Gustavo Biazzi
written by: Gustavo Biazzi
cast:  Agustín Avalos, Ana Clara Lasta, Emanuel Gómez, Juan Pablo Vitale,Marcelo Enríquez, Walter Casco, Bárbara Hobecker
genre: drama/first feature
production: Argenina 2017
language: Spanish

Sales Points:

  • World Premiere – Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata – Competencia Argentin
  • International Premiere – International Film Festival Rotterdam – Bright Future
  • directing debut from one of Argentina’s most recognized cinematographers (LA PATOTA, EL ESTUDIANTE)
  • from the producers of THE WILD ONES (Cannes’ Critic’s Week, ACID/CCAS Distribution Support), LA PATOTA (PAULINA) by Santiago Mitre (Cannes Critics’ Week; awarded with Nespresso Grand Prix and FIPRESCI) and LA CORDILLERA (Cannes’ Un Certain Regard 2017)