King Petar I

Peter I of Serbia was banished from Serbia as a young man. Many years later, he returns to his country to liberate its people and secure parliamentary democracy and later lead the country during World War I. “Skillful realisation of a spectacle that provides an extraordinary cinematic experience” – Vreme”well-balanced story of anti-war sentiment and thoughtful pathos” – City Magazin”an ultimate patriotic film” – Novi standard”Battle sequences are exciting and disctinctly bloody, dynamically directed and skillfully choreographed” – Vreme

directed by: Petar Ristovski
written by: Vladimir Cosic, Petar Ristovski,
cast: Lazar Ristovski, Milan Kolak, Radovan Vujovic
genre: war/drama
production: Serbia
producers:  Steficon SA, Zillion Film

Sales Points:

  • based on a true story
  • Serbian BO hit with over 250.000 admissions
  • Serbian Oscar submission
  • 16th Jaipur IFF – Best Feature Movie Award; SOFEST – Audience Award