11th Grade

Lina, a former dance competitor and teacher with little experience is appointed replacement in an elite school. Surrounded by collegial distrust and wayward students, she quickly realizes that standard methods of work will not be effective.

directed by: Georgi Kostov
written by:
 Nikola Kolev
cast: Yana Marinova, Bashar Rahal, Nikolai Sotirov
genre: feel-good/dance/dramedy
production: Bulgaria 2016
language: Bulgarian

Festivals & awards:

  • International Children’s Film Festival – NEXT (Odessa, Ukraine) – Best Film
  • Dream Fest Cinema (Bucharest, Romania) – Best Director
  • International Motivational Film Festival (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) – Best Actress

Sales points:

  • Bulgarian box office smash-hit
  • Eastern-European take on “Dangerous Minds” with modern dance moves