Gallipoli: End of the Road

April, 1915. First World War in Canakkale, Ottoman Empire. Two brothers leave their mountain village to fight on the front line. One is an experienced sniper fighting for Ottomans against the invasion, while his brother finds it much tougher to cope with life in the trenches. Meanwhile, landing of the occupation forces in the shores of Gallipoli has begun.

directed by: Kemal Uzun, Serdar Akar, Ahmet Karaman
written by: 
Basak Angigün, Alphan Dikmen
cast: Gürkan Uygun, Berrak Tüzünataç, Umut Kurt
genre: war/history/action/drama
production: Turkey 2013
language: Turkish

Sales points:

  • Budget: 5 mln USD
  • Box office success: released theatrically in 15 countries
  • High score on IMDb