3rd April, 2004: in the middle of the Iraqi war pilgrims celebrating feast of Ashura come to Karbala. Unexpectedly the city full of people becomes target of attacks preceding the assasination of City Hall – strategic seat of local authorities and police. Only a handful of Polish and Bulgarian soldiers without any backup remains on a battlefield.

written & directed by: Krzysztof Łukaszewicz
cast: Bartłomiej Topa (Strange Heaven, Traffic Department), Antoni Królikowski
genre: war/action/suspense/drama
production: Poland 2015
running time: 115 min.
language: Polish/English

“there have been at least a handful of very solid Iraq conflict themed pictures in the past few years and Krzysztofa Łukaszewicza’s Karbala looks to be amongst the very highest tier of those” (…)“the production values here are absolutely fabulous” – Todd Brown, Screen Anarchy


Sold to Japan, Sth Korea, Germany, French-speaking territories