King Danylo

At the time of the Crusades, Roman the Great pacified large parts
of Europe. After his violent death, his son Daniel wants to avenge him and continue his legacy. With the help of the crusaders, Daniel goes into several bloody battles to protect his kingdom from Taras and the golden horde of the Khan.

directed by: Taras Khymych
written by:
Olesia Halkanova-Lan, Taras Khymych
cast: Sehij Iarmoshenko, Anna Dzhumak, Petro Benjuk
genre: War, Action, History
production: Ukraine, 2018
language: Ukrainian

  • Based on the true history of life and times of Daniel of Galicia, the first king of Ruthenia.
  • Followed by successful TV series “King Danylo: Dark Times”