Philipp wishes to give his terminally ill father Walter one last treat. To cheer him up and coax him out of his hospital bed, Philipp tells a white lie. He pretends that his father has won the lottery.

Upon hearing such news Walter wants to make the most of his luck in his final days. He wants to pay off his debts and give his children and friends all the things he hasn’t been able to give them. Now Philipp, with the help of his sister and Walter’s friends,  has to make his father believe that the made-up millions are really there and make sure the hoax is not revealed.

written & directed by: Micha Lewinsky
cast: Urs Jucker, Peter Freiburghaus, Liliane Amuat, Lale Yavas, Eddie Rast, 
production: Switzerland 2017
running time: 90 min.
language: Swiss German

Sales points:

  • A feel-good movie
  • From the producers of internationally acclaimed “Heidi” and “The Divine Order”
  • Awarded with Swiss Television Award
  • Italian dubbing in place