Martha and Félix are children of the Butcher of Mons, a notorious Belgian serial killer from the 1990s. While Martha lives an unstable life riddled with insecurities, her brother, crushed by the family legacy, takes over their father’s killings. Harassed and violently assaulted at work, Martha falls into madness and goes through the looking glass into the strange and terrifying world inhabited by her brother.


directed by: Karim Ouelhaj
written by:
Karim Ouelhaj
run time: 100 min
genre: Horror
production: Belgium 2022
language: French

  • A new elevated horror from Méliès d’Or winner Karim Ouelhaj

    “astonishing, brutal piece of art ” – FANTASIA JURY

    “compelling and uncomfortable (…) boundary-pushing, hyper-violent” – BLOODY DISGUSTING

    “a thing of beauty” – NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS

    “brutal and brilliant” – REEL NEWS DAILY

    “extremely powerful (…) surpassed anything I could have imagined” – HEAVEN OF HORROR

    “confronting and uncomfortable” – THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS

    “dark, depraved and challenging (…) stark and brutal but strangely beautiful” – SCARIEST THING

    “effectively nasty” – SCREEN DAILY

    “gorgeous display of uninhibited violence” – HORROR OBSESSIVE

    “Belgian answer to French extremity film” – THE BLOGGING BANSHEE

    “fully disturbing experience in film form” – CINEMA CRAZED

    “perhaps the darkest contribution to 2022’s Fantasia” – EYE FOR FILM

    “makes it feel as though the New French Extremity never went away” – WARPED PERSPECTIVE

    “delicious bloodbath of chaos” – JOSH AT THE MOVIES

    “downright harsh and downright good” – TERROR WEEKEND

    “incredible performance (…) superb cinematography” – HORREUR QUEBEC