Off the Map

Katri finds out her boyfriend has been living a double life. While destroying his apartment in revenge she find a bag of money and makes a run for it. She’s joined by a little girl running away from her criminal stepfather. As a goal of their escape they set the girl’s grandmother’s house.
“Off The Map” is an action-packed road movie that brings together three generations of strong women who help each other to find each solutions to their problems.

“genuinely funny (…) thoroughly entertaining” (…) “one of the funniest Finnish films in recent years” (…) “internationally appealing film” – Cinemascandinavia

directed by: Tiina Lymi
written by: Nina Laurio, Tiina Lymi
cast: Iina Kuustonen, Veera W. Vilo, Jussi Vatanen
production: Finland 2016
running time: 98 min.
language: Finnish

Sales points:

  • From the producers of “The Grump”
  • Jussi Vatanen: known for his leading role in Lapland Odyssey 1-3
  • Tiina Lymi: has just ended her direction of Lapland Odyssey 3 to premiere in August 2017 in Finland, to direct “The Grump 2” in 2017