Tower. A bright day

Mula lives with her family in the country. Just before her daughter’s First Holy Communion, Mula’s long lost sister – Kaja – pays a visit. The family believes in reconciliation, but Mula has her reasons to feel afraid of Kaja. Meanwhile, a series of peculiar metaphysical events takes a toll on villagers’ lives. Mula’s fear grows and she wants to get rid of her sister but Kaja has come for a reason.

written & directed by: Jagoda Szelc
cast: Anna Krotoska, Malgorzata Szczerbowska, Anna Zubrzycki, Rafal Cieluch, Rafal Kwietniewski, Dorota Lukasiewicz
type: drama/first film/thriller
production: Poland 2017
language: Polish

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  • Berlinale’18 – Forum section