Train Driver’s Diary

Ilija, a 60-year-old train driver, is about to retire holding the infamous record of 28 kills committed during his career. His 19 years old adopted son Sima is preparing to take over the family trade and his father’s job. Ilja claims the first kill will happen quickly but when weeks pass without it and tension is getting unbearable for Sima, Ilja comes with help: he goes on search for suicidal people to jump under Sima’s train.

“Kind spirit and black humour combine for maximum effect (…) with the right promotion, could even make multiplex crowds happy” – Cineuropa

“reminiscent of Aki Kaurismäki (…) captures the Finnish director’s deadpan absurdism” – The Young Folks

“one of the most touching, and certainly funniest, pictures at Raindance” – The Panoptic

written & directed by: Milos Radovic
cast: Lazar Ristovski, Petar Korac, Pavle Eric
 dark comedy
production: Serbia/Croatia 2016
running time: 85 min.
language: Serbian

Sales points:

  • Serbian Oscar submission
  • From the Palm d’Or-winning director Milos Radovic (for Best Short Film)

Festivals & awards:

  • Moscow International Film Festival – Audience Award
  • Warsaw Film Festival
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • ARPA International Film Festival – Best Feature Film + Best Screenplay
  • International Film Festival Manheim-Heidelberg – Audience Award + Prize of the Ecumenical Jury + Cinema owners recommendation prize (recommendation for theatrical release in Germany)
  • European FF Palić – Special Jury Prize
  • Sarajevo FF – Young Audience Award
  • Stockholm Film Festival
  • Jaipur International Film Festival – Best Director, Golden Camel Award
  • Winter Film Awards –
  • Indie Film Fest, New York – Best Director